Beginners Guide: What is Sub Ohm Vaping? Voltage, Watts, Ohms & Amps

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Sub ohm vaping is relatively new concept and I am sure most of the vapers might not know about it. Have you heard the terms: voltage, watts, ohms and amps? You might be wondering what these terms have to do with vaping.

Here is a detailed explanation of how does sub ohm vaping work, concerning the resistance of a coil, the process of voltage, watts, ohms and amps. It is a practical guide to why and how vapers do sub ohm vaping.


Voltage, Watts, Ohms and Amps are the terms that vapers use while talking about electronic cigarettes in their regular conversations, but many a times they do not know what each of these terms mean. This is by no means a technical explanation. Do not take this as an expert advice. This is how I understand. This post includes:

  • What is sub ohm vaping?
  • What is atomizer ohm resistance?
  • Why do vapers sub ohm?
  • What are sub ohm vaping dangers?
  • Which are the best sub ohm vaping tanks?

What Is Sub Ohm Vaping:

Sub means below so sub ohm vaping is using coils with resistance less than 1 ohm. It produces more vapor from the electronic cigarette device.

Before making you well versed with the concept of sub ohm vaping, let me briefly explain you power (watts), current (amps), resistance (ohms), voltage (volts) and the relationship between them i.e Ohm’s Law.

  • Current is the flow of electricity and the rate is measured in amps.
  • Power is the rate that current is converted to heat, measured in watts.
  • Voltage is electrical pressure on current and it’s measured in volts.


What is ohms in vaping? The measure of the degree to which a conductor opposes an electric current through that conductor is resistance and is measured in ohms. The ohm (symbol: Ω) is the SI derived unit of electrical resistance.

This is relatively new concept among vaping community. Earlier mechanical mods was used to serve the purpose by building coils but with the arrival of new batteries supporting sub ohm and pre built coils, the concept has gained popularity among vapers.

Ohm’s Law equation: I = V/R

Power equation: P = IV

Use these equations to know required power and resistance limits for safe sub-ohm vaping and more importantly for longer battery lifespan.

What Is Atomizer Ohm Resistance?

The resistance of an atomizer, cartomizer or clearomizer is the amount of heat produced by the coil based on battery voltage. Using a resistance that’s higher than the recommended value will produce lesser vapor. Devices with a lower resistance often result in thicker vapor and a stronger throat hit but may create a burnt taste.

  • Dual coil devices can produce double the vapor and but require more battery power.
  • Please note that lower resistances will shorten the lifespan of your battery.
  • If the voltage is too low and the resistance is too high, you get a lackluster throat hit, vapor, and flavor.
  • If the voltage is too high and the resistance is too low, you can burn out the clearomizer and damage the battery.

Why Do Vapers Sub Ohm?

The obvious reason is more and more vapors. If you wanna see massive clouds of vapours in front of your eyes then sub ohm is for you. Some are of opinion that it gives more throat hit and enhanced flavour but that depends upon other factors too including what pg vg ratio you choose. Read more about pg and vg by clicking this link:

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Although sub ohm vaping gives you what you wants i.e massive clouds of vapours but it drains battery faster and sometimes produces warmer vapours. Also vaper need to change his/her inhaling technique to “direct to lung” where in you inhale directly into your lungs.

What Are Sub Ohm Vaping Dangers?

As you inhale more volume so changes of inhaling more nicotine increases with sub ohm vaping. Its better to choose eliquid or ejuice with low nicotine, may be 0.3.

Sub ohm vaping can burn your device’s wick which can produce burnt cotton taste and also the device can get uncomfortably hot. Using low resistance coil can decrease your battery lifespan or can even cause electrical short.

The advanced batteries and mods available on shelves comes with advanced safety systems. It greatly reduces the chances of electrical short. Manufactures like Aspire and Kanger offer pre built coils for sub ohm vaping. You can use own built coils too but double check the resistance with an ohm meter. A beginner should go for pre built coils then making your own coil.

Warning: Always read instructions and manual that comes handy with the products. Follow the advice of temperature range as there might be slight variation with different manufacturers.

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Which Are The Best Sub Ohm Vaping Tanks?


The new entry SMOK TFV12 by SMOK is highly recommended among vape community. It offers monster sub ohm tank with capacity of 6ml.


The Axiom by Innokin is best used at lower power – 40 watts and even less. This compact tank by Innokin is perfect for low power performance.


The Cleito by Aspire is good for mid-power performance. With simple design and under budget, it offers great flavor.

Now you know vaping world’s new trend in detail. With sub ohm, you choose to enjoy huge clouds of vapour, intense & smooth flavour. Do share your reviews with us in the comment section below.

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