Choosing Your First E Cigarette Starter Kit Buying Guide 2017

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So you have made the choice but have no idea how to choose your first vape kit? Buying your first E Cigarette starter kit can be a daunting task. Before you make your first puff it is important that you carefully choose the products. In this article we help you choose a great beginner E-cig kit and vape products that fits your needs without spending a fortune. Learn about different types of e-juice available and find the best kit for you. Read the beginner’s guide for your first E Cigarette starter kit below.

Foremost answer these simple questions before you think of buying e-cigarette starter kit from store, marketplace or online.

  • Is this your very first electronic cigarette or have tried any vaporizer before?
  • How many bucks you want to spend on your e-cig kit?
  • What are the accessories that you have to carry along?
  • Are you looking for convenient or full control e-cigarette?
  • What features you are looking in your starter kit?

Your First Electronic Cigarette Buying Guide

By answering these questions you will get a rough idea about which starter kit will fit your needs and budget. As per your smoking preferences you will find a variety of starter kit on our site in the shop section. Almost every starter kit comes with standard accessories which contains a manual to help you in getting best vaping experience along with safety and precautions, 1 or 2 electronic cigarette battery, cartridges and a charger. The buyer can further upgrade the kit by choosing from various other accessories available.

Size Of Device

If you are a complete new bee than firstly decide on the size of device that you would like to use. The two sizes available are micro-cig and Vaporizer/Tank. The portable and convenient micro-cig is great for beginners. Vaporizer/Tank are high capacity cartridges and comes with variable settings.


Frequency & Where You Are Using

Depending upon the frequency of your usage you should buy your first electronic cigarette starter kit from store or online. If you are wondering how much a battery lasts then let me tell you one high capacity battery lasts upto 300-400 puffs and a standard battery is enough for 200-250 puffs. The automatic battery is best for an easy, hands-free experience. For e-juice or e-liquid you have the option to choose from variable rich flavors and strength. You can choose the cartridges filled with flavor of your choice and nicotine strength. Most comes in a convenient prefilled cartridge. Usually a USB charger comes in handy with the e-cigarette starter kit.

If you would like to vape primarily at home then a USB charger is good for you otherwise go for a charger for any occasion i.e portable wall, car, and USB. You can further read here How much do e-cigs costs to you and its life span.

Making the right first move and decide on your preferences for best vaping experience may be the most difficult part when you switch to e-smoking but once you decide on your vaping style you‘ll never look back. The enhanced experience, odorless smoking and varieties of flavors available at a fraction of the cost will make looking back near impossible.

If you feel like checking out some other e-cigarettes product then browse through our shop section and pick the best one for you.

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