E-cig Users Provide Etiquette Tips Guide 2017

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This post is all about E-cig etiquette! With rising discussion on rules when using electronic cigarette we have complied an ultimate guide to vaping etiquette. How you should vape in public places? and Do you need to follow the same rules as of traditional tobacco smoking? Mind your manners while enjoying your puff.

You might have seen people vaping in your favorite restaurant, bar, pub or while walking in the part or in some party and get together. Vaping has become a common sight these days. Various platforms like social networking sites, there is a constant discussions on what’s acceptable and what’s not when vaping.

If you are a regular vaper and don’t wanna give vaping a bad name then follow these e-cig etiquette in public and private places.

  • It’s a good manner to ask the person seating next to you if you can do vaping or not to avoid any discomfort to the person.
  • Be polite in taking permission to vape at someone’s place.
  • Check with bartender or waiter if vaping is allowed at that place. Vaping rules vary from place to place and city to city. Check beforehand.
  • E-cigarettes are still not known to many people so its public image is not fully formed. Be prepared for some curiosity and staring eyes around you.
  • You are having the best of smoking experience but don’t get carried away in the excitement.

Switching from old-fashioned tobacco cigs to revolutionary technology of e-cigarettes definitely gives you edge over other smokers who are still stick to traditional way of smoking. Now that you have left behind annoying downsides of smoking tobacco cigs its time that you should follow some vaping ground rules:


Avoid Vaping In Closed Public Places:

Technically you are allowed to vape at any place unless a sign reading “No electronic cigarettes allowed” or so has been there. Electronic Cigarettes as a cleaner and healthier option has been accepted by non smokers and in society but still avoid vaping in closed spaces like theatres and crowded places.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children & Pets:

The e-liquid or e-juice are not meant for consumption so keep the stuff out of reach of children and pets. You should be carefull with your e-cig device and accessories. If swallowed, these product can present a choking hazard.

Store Batteries In A Safe Place:

Don’t swirl your e-cig batteries in your pocket or in any container, it might damage the batteries. Keep them in a safe storage.

Be Polite With Non-Smokers & Tobacco Smokers:

You have made the switch but others are still in dilemma so don’t judge tobacco smokers and respect their choice. There are people who consider e-cigarettes same as traditional tobacco smoking and have formed strong opinions towards vaping.

Don’t argue with such people and deal with their aggressive and harsh comments politely. Educating them in a respectful is the best you can do.

Don’t give vaping a bad name and follow these etiquette in both public and private places. Now that you have read this post and feel like we have miss out on something then please add your own in the comments below! We will update the same in our post.

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Ruby S is Writer and Editor @Buy ECigarette Online. She is a vaping enthusiast and love trying and mixing different flavors.

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