Vaping Tank Tips: How To Clean Your Vape Tank

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A fresh clean tank and a fresh bottle of Luscious fresh ejuice! What could be a better day idea for a pro vaper than enjoying a quality vaping time? What if you put in a fresh eJuice only to get a mingling flavors in your mouth. It simply means its time for you to clean your vape tank.

Some of you might have experienced this and others obviously don’t wanna this thing to happen. That’s why we have presented ultimate guide on how to clean your vape tank in this post.

Millions of people around the world have switched to vaping so its accessories and gears are evolving to better. Advanced vaping devices have now entered market with reusable tank systems. To ensure better taste and prolong lifespan of your electronic cigarette, these tanks need to be cleaned on a regular basis. So here’s why, when and how you should clean your vape tanks.

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When & Why You Should Clean Your Vape Tank:

Every vaper is advised to thoroughly clean his/her vaping device atleast once a week. It not only increases lifespan of your ecig and also enhances overall quality of your vape. You should make it a regular habit. Here are further analysis on “Why you should clean your vape tank” in detail:


Humidity and temperature change make vape tank susceptible to lot of internal changes which eventually effects vape device performance. Make sure connectors does not contain dirt or older e juice as sometimes ejuice gets stick in various parts of your vaping device. The tank, the wick and the coil of your atomizer are more prone to it.

Your vaping device will not be able to deliver its best performance when its tank is filled with old juice grime. Thoroughly cleaning of tank will solve this issue and without any doubt your vaporizer will definitely work better.



To get the best flavor of your ejuice is the 2nd most reason to “Why you should clean your vape tank”. If you are from those vapers who enjoy variety of ejuices then this point should be of utmost importance to you.

You may experience “Flavour Ghosting” when vaping a new flavour of e-liquid. Usually switching from one flavour to another like from cherry cola to tangerine causes flavor ghosting. Your old ejuice flavor taste got mix-up with new flavor.

Even if the tank appears to be completely empty, o-ring in the bottle cap holds onto flavors or a layer of the old e-juice gets stick to tank’s inside walls. To prevent this clean your vape tank between switching flavors.

How To Clean A Vape Tank:

These pretty simple steps will let you clean your vape tank thoroughly. Let’s straight away run through the steps:

Step 1: Empty Out

Whether you are using a new tank or its your old vape tank, you must take it apart including removing o-rings and screws. Make a video of it so to assemble it quickly.

Step 2: Rinse Leftover E-liquid

Use warm running water to clean any remaining e-liquid from the tank or you can rinse with 90% alcohol solution. Also read the manual instructions provided by your tank ,manufacturer. Gently scrub various parts with a spare toothbrush and soak for sometime in warm water.

clean vape tank with warm water

Step 3: Let It Dry

Once cleaning is done, make sure to fully dry the tank before you reassemble it. Use paper towel or microfiber to dry it completely. Remember the device you gonna use is electric so soak up any excess water. Let it air-dry for 5 to 10 minutes before reassembling your device.

Using A Cleaning Device:

Though you don’t need any fancy or expensive cleaning device for your vape tank but if you find if you find cleaning your device bit annoying, then we have solution for this. You can buy a vape cleaner, that will essentially do all mind numbing cleaning task for you.

In just a matter of minutes, you will get a cleaner and spotless vaping device. It will be of great help between switching flavors frequently.

Other Methods:

Other than these methods, many vapers also soak their tanks in warm water and/or alcohol overnight. Always cross check with your tank manufacturer to know how long you can soak the product. Generally soaking for too long and/or exposure to high temperatures may deteriorate electronic cigarette gears.

Now that you have cleaned your vape tank, it’s time to enjoy a flavorful hit of vape! Also you know simple steps of “How to clean a vape tank” you will not experience any tangy taste between switching flavors.

You can also share with our readers of “Your methods for cleaning vape tanks” or you have any query about the maintenance of your tank. Let us know through comment section below.

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